Zen Addons for SiteOrigin Page Builder

Collection of helpful widget extensions for SiteOrigin Page Builder. It’s simple, flexible, and useful.

Zen Addons for SiteOrigin Page Builder provides you with a collection of widgets you can use and customize. All widgets are developed under the SiteOrigin widget framework.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin (tested plugin version up to): 2.25.1
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle (tested plugin version up to): 1.53.0

Widget Features
* Spacer, Creates empty space between elements.
* Simple Accordion/Toggle: Designs a vertically stacked list of items or a single panel.
* Basic Tabs: Allows the creation of multiple panels within a single window.
* Alert Box: Offers contextual feedback and flexible alert messages.
* Icon: Sets a single icon using a popular iconic font or custom upload.
* Video: Embeds videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other providers.
* YouTube Video Lightbox: Creates pop-up lightboxes for YouTube videos.
* Vimeo Video Lightbox: Creates pop-up lightboxes for Vimeo videos.
* Contact Form 7: Displays CF7 forms.
* Info Box: Showcases an information box with an image, title, description, and learn-more button link.
* Hover Card: Displays an image box, title caption, and learn-more button with hover transition.
* Image Icon Group: Sets a group of image icons.
* Widgetized: Integrates existing widget sidebars into the main content.
* bbPress Forum Index: Displays the entire bbPress forum index.
* bbPress Topic Index: Shows the 15 most recent topics across all forums with optional pagination and search.
* bbPress Login: Incorporates the bbPress login form.
* bbPress Registration: Includes the bbPress registration form.
* bbPress Lost Password: Implements the bbPress password retrieval form.

* Neatly structured semantic HTML
* Highly accessible widgets adhering to best ARIA practices
* SEO friendly widgets

After enabling the extension widget, you can use it wherever standard widgets are used. Manage your widgets by navigating to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets in your WordPress admin backend.

Lastly, we recommend activating only the widgets you need.

Note: Our widgets have the prefix name 'ZASO -', indicating our SiteOrigin plugin extension.

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Plugin Info
Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 5.5.3
Stable tag: 1.0.16

1. Upload the `zen-addons-site-origin` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory via FTP
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. Enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to activate your widgets?
A: First, please ensure that ‘SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle’ plugin was installed, then to enable our ZASO widgets, you can activate it on ‘Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets’

* English (en_US)
* English – Australia (en_AU)